15 Upton Lane, Stafford, VA 22554 | P.O. Box 1357, Stafford, VA 22555



SERVE is a non-profit, 501C-3 organization. We are able to meet our mission because of the generosity of our friends and neighbors. Because of your generosity we were able to distribute 101.9 Tons of food to 1,193 families last year. We are so blessed by our amazing Stafford community who has supported us wholeheartedly in this project. We are especially appreciative to The Honeywell Foundation of The Community Foundation for their generosity. We are also extremely grateful to several local churches that have been very generous to us as well. They wish to remain nameless, to God be the glory!

Monetary Donations
Donations are always appreciated, as we depend on these contributions to support the emergency needs of our neighbors in crisis. We sincerely thank you for your heart for serving others and for the generosity of your gifts. Thank You.

Mailing Address for donations:
P.O. Box 1357
Stafford, VA 22555

Donate Through United Way Campaign
Combined Federal Campaign CFC #14452
Combined Virginia Campaign CVC #6413
Local Government Campaign LGC #6431
All donations are tax deductible.


Food is needed throughout the year. We’re giving out over 2-1/2 tons of food every week, and we need your help.

Large donations or if a receipt is needed please drop off during our normal schedule. Please call the office prior to a large donation.

Small donations can be made during office hours or using our drop box after hours. If you need to schedule a different day for donations, please call the office.